The school is situated in a rural area. Several industries are located here and some of them are international comanies. About 350 students attend the school and 40 teachers work at Sundergymnasiet. The school has higher education preparatory programs and vocational programs. The school has always valued international contacts and 12th grade students attending the higher educational preparatory programs spend two weeks in the United Kingdom and those who study German, French or Spanish spend a week in Germany, France or Spain. It is, however, a goal that international contacts should not be limited to the languages offered at Sundlergymnasiet. International exchange enhace the possibilities of a cooperation between both vocational and higher education preparatory programs with other schools within the European Union. Since communicative competence is one of the foundations of increased trade, it is vital that Swedish students visit businesses from other EU members. Without being aware of different business cultures, it is difficult to apply for international positions. Since entrepreneurship is strong in Vårgårda, all forms of international excanges may have a direct affect on future carees. We therefore cooperate with other schools in many countries through European Union, the Nordic Council and goverment agency SIDA.

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